Personal Injury Solicitors London: Web Manager Interview

Jason Tweedy is runs the Personal Injury Solicitors London UK website.  They have been the leading website for London personal injury claims for the last couple of years and he’s someone that I’ve previously worked with back in the UK.  In a similar vein to other interviews I have conducted on the blog I decided to talk to him today to let my readers get an insight into the industry of personal injury law, and especially how business is generated online in this particular niche for solicitors.  I like my readers to understand how to succeed in the World of law and Internet Marketing to hope that this is the kind of content that you would like to see on a regular basis.

So I spent some time this week catching up with whilst he was in Zurich on business to talk about the “ins and outs” of personal injury law and some of the more interesting cases that he has had to deal with in the UK and in particular the city of London.

Hi Jason, thanks for agreeing to an interview with me today about Personal Injury Solicitors London.  Can you give a brief overview of your role?

Of course, no problem. It’s my job to make sure that the website is running correctly, that the content is written well, and that we appear online when people are searching for a personal injury solicitor in London, or wish to make some form of personal injury claim in the London area – whether they work or live in the city.

Personal Injury Solicitors London

Jason is responsible for the London website.

On a daily basis I can be working with our accident claims advice specialists, talking to personal injury lawyers, and making sure that they are receiving enough online leads to keep them going and in business.  It’s a bit high-pressured but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How long have you been working in the field of personal injury?

Wow, well it’s a long time put it that way, although it’s only really been the last decade that the industry has developed into the large one that it is today.  I started out after graduating in law from university.  I had always wanted to be a lawyer and started working for a firm but to be honest I didn’t really enjoy it.

Personal injury seemed to be a good fit for me as I’ve always like to help people as much as I can, and I looked to see if I could marry that up with online marketing as was keen to see how well the Internet could be harnessed for law firms, lawyers, and solicitors.  I started working in marketing for different lawyers and personal injury solicitors in the South of the UK and haven’t really looked back since.

What’s the strangest personal injury case that your London website has received or had to handle since you went live a couple of years ago?

Obviously I cannot be too explicit due to client confidentiality but Personal Injury Solicitors London does receive quite a few strange cases.  There is one personal injury claim that springs to mind though from a previous job that I can talk about in loose terms though!  I didn’t work on this case, it was told to me by a personal injury lawyer that I met at a conference one time.

It’s about a man who worked at a bakery and over Easter time he had been tasked by his boss to create some dough bunnies – unfortunately I don’t have a photo.  The air inside the dough bunnies had expanded during the baking process and when he took them from the oven an explosion occurred which left him with some very nasty burns to the hands.  He had to take three months off work in order to recover.  This is just one example of a strange personal injury case – believe me when I say that there are far more but unfortunately I cannot talk about them.  The exploding bunnies one was in the press so that can be spoken about.

The personal injury solicitor I spoke to won the accident claim and the client was very well compensated for their accident.

What makes your London personal injury claims website stand out from the competition?

Good question. I think it’s mainly the approachability of the lawyers we work with.  Most personal injury solicitors are by their nature qualified to the highest levels due to the demands of the industry so there’s not always that much to set them apart.

What I would say though is, many lawyers, especially in the London area are not always the most approachable of people – that’s what my clients say. They like the fact that our solicitors and lawyers are very laid back and easy to talk to.  They make the injury claims process very simple to understand and don’t tend to confuse people about the whole process.  This really is invaluable when it comes to claiming for accidents and personal injury compensation.

Is there anything you would like to advertise or mention to regular readers of Creoscitex personal injury blog?

Of course always! Although I must say that you’ve already done quite a good for me already! At the moment my team and I are putting together some new content for the London website and in the future will feature information on aspects such as asbestos claims, road traffic accident claims, and building site / construction personal injury claims.

Also if you’ve not already linked out to me in this interview then hopefully you can drop a link here to our main website.  (Editors Note: Already done at the top of the interview for you Jason).

Six Nations Marred by Head Injury Woes – Personal Injury Claims Overview

I am a keen sports fan, and in particular follow rugby and football back in the UK.  With my interest in the world of personal injury, law, lawyers, and solicitors I have been watching some recent developments very closely.  Here’s my view on the a recent head injury suffered in a match and how it relates to personal injury law.

The opening game of the Six Nations was arguably marred by the controversy regarding George North’s head injury.

The Welsh coaching staff failed to see the Welsh winger receive two head knocks, one of which knocked him out. Although there were slow motion replays and audible gasps from the crowd as North slumped to the floor, the winger remained in the match, putting in some hefty tackles that could have added to his injury.

In the final weekend of the tournament, Wales were once again involved in a head injury scare with Leigh Halfpenny suffering a head knock six minutes before the end of the first half. The Welsh team however took no risks immediately subbing the flyhalf despite the importance of the fixture.

Whilst the medical staff and coaches were criticised for keeping North on in the first match, the Welsh team received much praise for the way they handled the latter incident, with many praising the fact that they treated the injury with the seriousness it deserved.

Head Injuries & Personal Injury

Sadly, head injuries are one of the most common types of injuries in accidents in the UK. They can occur in almost any situation whether it be a car accident or a slip or trip. Due to the fragile nature of your head, and the preciousness of the brain, it is important that if you suffer a head injury you seek a medical assessment as soon as possible. If you are suffering from any abnormal symptoms such as dizziness or vertigo, it is vital that you seek the consultation of a medical professional. This will allow you to check that you are in good health and that your injuries are checked. Furthermore, a medical report could aid you in the long term when it comes to making a personal injury claim.

Whilst you can try and prevent head injuries, perhaps by childproofing a home or not storing heavy objects on high, like many injuries they are all but impossible to eradicate totally.

Making a Head Personal Injury Claim

No matter where you are injured, if you suffer as a result of negligence, you have the right to make a personal injury claim. The law is designed to protect you, and we believe that if you have lasting damage of are in extreme pain or discomfort you have the right to hold the person or persons responsible to account.

Head injury claims are even more important to claim for, with the implications of such an injury being exceptionally serious. Even the most minor of head injuries can result in some memory loss, whiplash, dizziness and double vision. Serious head injuries can result in a fractured skull, brain damage, memory loss, blood clots, loss of communication skills, seizures or even death.

According to NHS statistics, one in every 2000 people who visit the hospital die of head injuries or complications from the injury. Therefore, it is vital to have your head injury assessed and receive proper medical treatment.

How Much Could Your Claim Be Worth?

If you decide to employ a personal injury solicitor, then make sure you choose one that understands that every injury claim is different. Whilst it is possible to obtain damages for most injuries, due to the nature of head injuries, they often have a higher amount of compensation awarded.

How Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport Manage Online Marketing

This week as part of my series of interviews that I plan to publish with accident claims advice specialists and personal injury solicitors I caught up with the team who are making waves in the personal injury world in Greater Manchester… Stockport to be precise.

You can see a recent interview I conducted with Hugh Rollinson where he spoke about how he was trying to change the conceptions of companies operating in the personal injury niche, and he touched on his online marketing efforts.  In this interview I wanted to get a different angle on the whole aspect of digital marketing strategies that lawyers and solicitors are embarking upon.  I caught up with Jason Trent to discuss with him in more detail some of the initiatives he is doing at the moment in what is a traditionally very competitive market.

Hi Jason, could you give some detail on what your background is within the world of personal injury and marketing?

Thanks Jarred.  Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport is the main project I am working on at the moment, but actually am quite heavily involved with some large legal firms around the UK helping them to generate leads and more business.  I started out in online marketing after the Stockport College, firstly in web design them moving on more towards the marketing side.

One of my first ever web design clients was a personal injury solicitor based in Stockport.  To cut a long story a lot shorter, we started to look at ways of attracting more customers do his door. We started doing video marketing, paid search, and all forms of different online marketing tactics.  The results were fantastic.

Because of this experience I started to specialise in working with lawyers, accident claims companies, and personal injury solicitors.  I carved out a little niche for myself in Greater Manchester and since then have picked up more and more clients off the back of the work I’ve got in my portfolio.  Not really looked back!

So for Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport, what new types of strategies have you been trialling in order to help them out?

First and foremost it’s about getting the website looking right.  In the personal injury field you need to engender trust.  If you look trustworthy then you’ve already got a head start.  Because of that I spent a lot of time looking at the Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport website, testing placements of phone numbers, content, and even re-jigging the colour palette.

Personal Injury Stockport Website

Just by changing colours there was an increase in phone calls.

I found that these subtle little changes could have an amazing impact in the results you get – the amount of enquiries suddenly increased and meant our Stockport personal injury solicitors were suddenly a lot busier than normal! It’s a results-based industry and that’s the bottom line.

That’s amazing that colour changes can have such a difference!  Any other tips and hints about other strategies that you’ve tried off the website to generate more business?

OK so this is a bit of a trade secret and I don’t want to give too much away, but social media has proven to be exceptional this year.  We ran a competition on one of the major networks in order to promote our no win no fee services in Stockport.  We were able to use very targeted advertising methods on Facebook to identify people in the Stockport area who might need the services of a no win no fee solicitor.

I can’t say much more than that as it will give away too much, but the results were quite amazing in terms of how many people ended up visiting our Stockport no win no fee solicitors page.  I definitely recommend lawyers and personal injury solicitors look at Facebook marketing – it’s amazing what you can do nowadays.

Would you say that it’s a fair comment that those in the legal profession and in particular solicitors and lawyers don’t always tend to value how online can support their business?

I completely agree. When I first started out I sent a video out to about 20 personal injury solicitors in my locality showing them the results I could get them.  It was almost like I was offering them a money tree.  Guess how many replies I got? That’s right a fat zero.

Don’t ask me why, but solicitors in general do seem to be suspicious of online marketing.  I would say that personal injury solicitors are slightly different though, because the personal injury industry is traditionally based on lead type marketing so they tend to get it.  That’s why it’s so refreshing to be partnered and working with Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport because they know it works, and let me get on with it.

So for any personal injury lawyers in the UK what would be your most basic advice on how they can make more business online?

First and foremost as I referred to earlier it’s about the website.  If it doesn’t convert then it’s useless, no matter what your Google rankings.  Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport isn’t number one on Google, but it almost doesn’t matter because it converts so well.  Sort the website out.  Get that right first.

Also, these days people really do expect local businesses to be on the main social networks such as Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. They expect to be able to have a quick and informal discussion with a business online before engaging with them properly.  That also reminds me – Google Places for Business.  This should be right at the top of any personal injury lawyer’s digital marketing strategy, especially due to the growth of mobile browsing where these types of results tend to have precedence.

Thanks for your time Jason.  Finally is there anything that you would like to tell my readers about any forthcoming plans?

Only to keep an eye on the Stockport personal injury lawyer site.  I think for other people in the industry it’s a great example of how to get it working online.  I update the blog on there quite regularly too with new announcements.

I am also in the process of developing a new website which contains tutorials on it for lawyers and solicitors wanting to harness the Internet better.  That’s currently under development so perhaps we can have another interview when I go live with that?

Note from Editor: Of course, I would love to!  If you are interested in becoming a personal injury solicitor then please read this guide I wrote a few months ago.

Madonna Suffers Whiplash Personal Injury Following Brits Fall

I must admit I did chuckle slightly when I saw this in the news recently!  I originally intended to place this blog ojn a personal injury website that my friend runs but decided it would be better placed on Creoscitex. If you were watching the Brit Awards you will have seen Madonna falling – in other circumstances this could have been a great opportunity to employ the services of a personal injury solicitor.  I will let you decide for yourself after you watch the video footage courtesy of YouTube.

Madonna Suffers Personal Injury – Potential Whiplash Claim!

Madonna has revealed that she suffered whiplash following her rather high profile fall at the Brit Awards last month.

The Queen of Pop fell while performing her song “Living For Love” on stage at the lavish awards ceremony. Madonna was pulled by her cape by one of her dancers, causing her to fall backwards and bang her head.

The pop star, who was dressed as a matador for her performance, was supposed to remove the cape before it was whipped off. A blunder meant that Madonna did not have time to release the strap – the Armani cape had been put on tighter than previous rehearsals because choreographers did not want the heavy cape to fall off prior to when it was due to be removed.

Madonna revealed on the Jonathan Ross show that she hit her head and had minor injuries as a result of her fall as well as whiplash. The A-list star was under medical supervision until 3am to ensure that there was no lasting damage or serious injury. Despite finishing her performance, following the fall Madonna appeared to be groggy leading to speculation that she was suffering a minor concussion when finishing the song.

The tumble on stage, which became an online viral sensation, was denied to be a publicity stunt by the singer.

Madonna’s Whiplash

The injuries sustained by Madonna are not uncommon. Whiplash is most common in car accidents, especially rear-end collisions, and is caused by a jerking or sudden movement of the head and neck.

Whiplash can take more than 12 hours to show symptoms following an accident but can severely limit the movement of the head and neck, and can cause trouble when sleeping. Madonna revealed that she thought she had evaded injury on the night of the Brits after she had been given the clear regarding concussion, but woke up suffering from whiplash the next day.

Effects of Whiplash

As mentioned above, whiplash is caused by a sudden, uncontrolled movement of the head and can occur in almost any incident. Whilst many in the media belittle whiplash due to the fact that it is one of the most common injuries to be fraudulently claimed for, we understand that whiplash is a serious injury that can cause lasting problems and extreme discomfort to sufferers.

Whiplash is caused by damage or bruising to the tendons or the ligaments in the neck, and can lead to restricted movement, neck pain, headaches and general stiffness. Sadly, whiplash symptoms can escalate days after the event.

Failure to treat whiplash can lead to complications and a longer recovery time. Some whiplash injuries can take up to six months to fully recover from, with such prolonged pain restricting your daily life, employment and general wellbeing.

The Cause Of Whiplash

You don’t need to fall in front of millions of people on television to suffer from whiplash – it is one of the most common injuries seen in the UK, with road traffic accidents being the most common cause of whiplash. Whiplash is also common after suffering a blow to the head, receiving a head knock when playing sport or a slip trip or fall in the workplace or public.

We believe that if you have suffered from whiplash in an accident that was not your fault, you should get the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

How Do You Make A Personal Injury Claim

If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault and suffer whiplash, you may be able to make a compensation claim. In order to build as strong a case as possible, it is important that you are open and honest with our team of personal injury solicitors. We may require a medical report, or for you to get a medical examination. Not only will this allow you peace of mind but will show that your claim is genuine. We may also require contact details of any witnesses to the accident to back up your claim, insurance details and what led to the accident.

The more information you can provide to our team, the greater chance they have of securing you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for suffering your whiplash injuries.

For more blog posts about personal injury and accident claims advice please browse the website.

How the Accident Claims Advice Web Are Trying to Change Industry Conceptions

Hugh Rollinson

Hugh Rollinson and I recently met up in Zurich.

I still have many contacts in the legal industry back in the United Kingdom from my time working in personal injury, one of whom set up a new website called the Accident Claims Web.  Hugh Rollinson is a name that a lot of people will be familiar with in the accident claims advice and personal injury world due to an impressive and notorious keynote speech he once gave at an industry conference – that story is probably best for another time though!

Hugh was recently in Zurich ( at the Widder Bar) and we met up for a beer where he told me where his new website is heading and how he is looking to change the pre-conceptions that the personal injury industry has in some quarters.  What follows is some short and abridged versions of the conversations we had when we met up as unfortunately the recording on my iPhone became corrupted.

Hey Hugh, it’s been a while, and thanks for letting me publish your thoughts out on the website.  I am sure it will be really valuable for my readers! Before get too deep in though, are you able to give a quick overview of what you are doing at the moment with your latest project?

Accident Claims Advice Web Logo

Logo of the Accident Claims Web

By all means, and thanks for having me James.  It’s great to see you and what a beautiful city Zurich is! So I’ve recently started up a new website which offers independent specialist injury and accident claims advice for UK residents and workers.  I say independent because we are not tied into any one of the large UK accident claims management companies, but instead work with personal injury solicitors from different law firms around the UK.  We literally do cover from Lands’ End to John O’Groats!

I started the website up around 6 months ago after seeing what appeared to be a gap in the market.  There are so many firms out there chasing down personal injury claims through the online medium, but so many of them don’t truly seem to understand the online market, and most of all how to harness it.

Sounds interesting, I’ve always found that UK lawyers and solicitors as a general rule of thumb, don’t always seem to really get what type of returns you can get from a specialist online marketing strategy. Can you give me a bit more detail on that or perhaps some trade secrets on how you generate enquiries into your accident claims advice website?

Well I can’t give you or your readers the keys to the kingdom for obvious reasons, but what I will say is this.  There are literally hundreds of people searching online every day in the UK for accident claims advice.  It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out how many different niches of personal injury there are, and when you tie those into local searches the opportunities really are endless.

Our strategy has been to generate enough quality online content about the various different types of accident claim so that we benefit from a real wide net when it comes to finding new clients and helping them with a personal injury claim.  It’s not my aim to be number one on Google for certain keywords because I know that our website actually performs well when you add up all the other types of accident claims searches that are happening every day.

Because we work with so many different accident claims solicitors, I know that we can support any victim of injury, no matter what type of accident or injury they suffered, or the circumstances around the accident.  That sets us apart from many other accident claims helplines and advice websites as many of them tend to specialise in a specific geographic location or in a particular personal injury niche.  We have a national reach and our lawyers are based all over the UK meaning we can offer accident advice to anyone, anywhere.

Sounds impressive! So what happens when someone calls you up looking for accident claims advice?  What’s the process involved from start to finish?

Well firstly, we have a Freephone telephone number meaning anybody can call us no matter what their financial circumstances, which is also why our accident claims advice solicitors all work on a no win no fee agreement – we want our clients to have access to the justice system no matter who they are or how much money they have. It should never be a barrier to using the services of a solicitor or lawyer.

When someone calls us, they will be put through to an accident claims advice specialist.  Our call centre has some of the most experienced and well trained staff in the UK who have all been working in the industry for a number of years.  We know how tough it can be if you’ve been involved in an accident and want to put people at ease first and foremost.

Our accident claims specialists will ask a few simple questions which will let them make a decision on whether or not there is a personal injury claim to be made.  If they believe that there is we will then pass the client over to one of our partner personal injury solicitors, as local to the client as is possible.  From that point, the relationship is then out of our hands, but we only work with the very best accident claims solicitors and always get feedback from clients to see how their compensation case was handled where we can.  This lets us improve constantly.

So what plans do you have for the Accident Claims Web in 2015?  I can already see that it’s a very large website with hundreds of pages and articles.  Will this be expanding at all?

Definitely.  We’ve recently partnered up with some new personal injury solicitors in the UK who are specialists in work accident claims.  Because of that we can help people to claim for an accident that happened at work – which can be one of the most stressful types of claim we deal with due to the victim and employer relationships.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve asked my online marketing team to really try to push and develop the pages we have about accident at work claims.  I try to recruit people with the latest qualifications and skills if possible, and send them on as many online marketing courses as possible on websites such as Udemy.

I really happy with the results and hope that this should generate some great additional business for us, with of course the ultimate aim of being to help as many people in the UK as possible to claim for personal injury compensation.

Whilst it’s not completed yet, our programmers have nearly completed an accident at work compensation calculator for us to feature on the site.  This will let people plumb in their personal details and get an estimate off the back of it on what they work compensation claim could be worth.  I am really excited about this and can’t wait for it to go live!

Work Accident Claims Calculator

Coming soon… a work accident claims compensation calculator.

Hopefully it will result in us being able to process more and more workplace accident claims but will have to wait and see. Regardless, we are ready and waiting to take the calls in a professional, expert, and qualified manner.

Fantastic Hugh. So in terms of wrapping up you mentioned to me that you wanted to change mis-conceptions about the accident claims advice industry.  How exactly do you plan on doing that?

I think I’ve kind of already hinted at that during the questions so far.  What I will say is that we won’t be one of those ambulance chasing companies.  We don’t send unsolicited SMS and text messages like these guys do, we won’t cold call you.  We wait for the client to get in touch with us when they need advice.

When we do hear from them we act in a professional and friendly manner, as only ever have their best interests as heart as I am sure you can pick up from our chat today!

Note from James: Many thanks to Hugh for doing this interview and chat with me. It’s been a real insight.  You can read more about this subject matter on another blog post I wrote about my time as a personal injury solicitor.

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